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Achieve a fuller bust line naturally with Tokyo Bust Express!

Tokyo Bust Express

Novena Square 2,10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111/113 Singapore 307506

NEX Shopping Mall, 23 Serangoon Cerntral #03-32 Singapore 556083

Regency House, 123 Penang Road #07-13 Singapore 238465

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday : 11am – 8.30pm

Saturdays & PH on Saturdays: 10am – 7.00pm

Sundays & PH : 11am – 7.00pm

Contact: +65 62626161



Read to the end to participate in my GIVEAWAY!


I had pockets of conversation about “boobs” with my girlfriends when we were around 15, and the topic about boobs was totally hilarious, like how wonderful would it be if we could transfer our body fats into our boobs through liposuctions, or through massage and we always joke about how fake Tokyo Bust Express could enhance our boobs NATURALLY.


If it can be done naturally, why would there still be individuals who go under the knife to increase their boobs size? Having said so, I was persuaded to give a go after seeing friends coming out with positive feedbacks, and is given several positive reviews about their service.


& it was really too good to be true…

FIRST SESSION AND I SAW A SIGNIFICANT RESULTS & no; this is neither scripted nor false claims. So to support my claims, let me show you my results first!

As you can see my boobs have gotten perkier, rounder and fuller from just one treatment! 

I visited their outlet in Square 2, and damn their parlour was situated right beside Novena MRT station, in addition to their welcoming pink, I haven’t had any chance of missing them. I was greeted with a bright smile by a group of friendly ladies. I was 10 minutes early for my appointment, despite that they served me green tea and filled up an assessment profile while I waited outside of the consultation room. 

Prior to the treatment, I had a consultation of 20 minutes with my consultant, Rain. She is very patient and educated me that the primary factor that has an impact on the size of our boobies are not fats; instead, it was fibro-glandular tissue that lies under the layer of fats. She further explained that during puberty hormonal cells will trigger these fibro-glandular tissues to grow and that will determine the size of our boobs after 18. (depends on when your puberty stops).

SO Tokyo Bust Express uses natural ingredients such as Dang Gui, Wild Mexican Yam Root and other natural herbs that contain powerful photo-estrogens that have similar hormonal cells as girls to aid in optimal breast development and health. Therefore, it grows bigger again!

I was led into this comfy treatment room, and Rain had me lay on the bed to begin my treatment. Once I hit the bed, I got so comfortable that I almost fell into sleep. 

First, you will enjoy a hand massage boobies scrub to remove keratin on your skin for better absorptions and detox the lyme nodes for healthier boobies. Surprisingly, for someone who is not liberal and comfortable when it comes to strangers seeing me topless or touching me, I didn’t felt much awkwardness neither it is ticklish nor invasive, in fact, it was super comfortable and relaxing. Like hello, the therapists have seen and touched thousands and probably millions of boobies and not like mine or yours would impress them especially when they do have a pair themselves. 


This is a treatment that aids in activating your glands and tissues under your breast, also allowing the nutrients in the gel that is applied before the TT push up device to be absorbed. In this treatment, a circular duo pads will be placed over your boobies where a machine will be sending micro electric currents through the pads onto the underlings of your boobies. From there, close your eyes and enjoy a sweet 20 mins naps. 

Finally, my boobies were pampered with a collagen mask that hardens up after awhile which encourages your boobies to stay in place.

Now, I am going to give you a taste of the programme I had with Tokyo Bust Express, all you have to do is:

SMS ‘zelenelee’ to 9108 4276 to redeem your x1 Tokyo Bust Express Detox Beauty Program. This will be limited to 20 ladies daily. It will be available at 3 outlets: 

1) 23 Serangoon Cerntral #03-32, Nex, Singapore 556083

2) 10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111/113, Novena (Square 2), Singapore 307506

3) 123 Penang Road #07-13, Regency House, Singapore 238465

Don’t say I bojio.

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